Meet Our Team

Greg Day Lighting is a full service Architectural Lighting Design firm.  We work closely with Architects, Interior Designers, Landscape Architects, Engineers, Graphic Designers and Signage Designers as well as with the Client and other consultants to ensure that all aspects of a project are aesthetically and, functionally illuminated.  We want to make sure that the lighting adds excitement, energy and interest where appropriate and, conversely, that the lighting is quiet, subtle and unobtrusive when necessary.  All projects are unique, so through team discussions we build a continually updated Question/Criteria list which helps guarantee that the final product reflects the original vision; energy and cost concerns are always near the top of that list.  Greg Day Lighting remains involved throughout the construction and commissioning phases working closely with the General and Electrical Contractors to assist with proper placement, lamping, control and focusing.

Greg Day

Principal, Lighting Designer 

  • IESNA, IALD, LC started his professional lighting career in 1986 as part of the IALD Internship Program in New York City.  Since then he has designed the lighting for a wide variety of projects including homes, restaurants, office buildings, hotels,art galleries, museums, high-rise condominiums, entertainment venues, building facades, exterior sculpture projects and lighting studies for entire cities.  He is nationally licensed (LC) by the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professional.  Greg was born in Maine and went on to receive degrees in Architectural Engineering and Architecture from The University of Kansas (both with honors).  He continually studies the latest in lighting technology and equipment, attends seminars and conferences, and regularly tours manufacturing facilities.  Greg has drawn and updated the illustrations for the last three publications of the seminal lighting textbook, “Interior Lighting for Designers” by Gary Gordon. 

Mary Menard

Project ManagerLighting Designer

  • Mary Menard, developed her passion for lighting while studying at Wentworth Institute of College in Boston, where she graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Interior Design. Adventurous, hardworking and dedicated, Mary started her professional lighting career in 2011 with Greg Day Lighting and has been learning and practicing along side Greg Day. Mary has continued to grow professionally by participating in leadership and communication seminars, taking factory tours and keeping up on the latest technology. Although Mary was born in Pennsylvania, she is a true Mainer at heart and enjoys outdoor sports and leisure in every season; Yes, even winter!

Shannon Thibodeau

Studio Marketing Director

  • From the White Mountain region of New Hampshire, Shannon graduated with a bachelor of fine arts from The Savannah College of Art and Design. A highly motivated, creative individual who has a passion for helping others, the environment, and the arts, and is a recent graduate of New Leader Council (Maine Chapter). She is currently working on Marketing efforts and general office projects for Greg Day Lighting. Past endeavors have included management of an architectural office and art gallery, being a contributing photographer for Maine Insights Magazine and New Hampshire Home Magazine, staff photographer for Alpina Sport USA, working as a teacher of photography at the Olivarian School in Pike, NH, freelance graphic design work, and photo assisting for David Hume Kennerly. Her personal interests include working for environmental non profits, hiking, sailing, traveling, rock climbing, snowboarding, painting, drawing, and documentary photography. 
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