Why you should use a Lighting Designer in a nutshell…

There are many different aspects of the design process that must work together to provide the client with a final product that they love. We are the element of design that accentuates the form of a space and celebrates key architectural features to stimulate a desired mood and atmosphere. Lighting designers are part of a very important creative process in creating any environment. Think of us as lighting architects.

The light and shadows of proper lighting make the atmosphere of an environment. Which is why it is important to us that we work closely with the architect and clients to understand the functional uses of the spaces and the client’s vision for the end result, from there we visually work our way through each space and design how the light on vertical and horizontal elements effect the experience. Our design approach is for the light to be perceived only once it interacts with an object or surface by seamlessly integrating the lighting equipment within the fabric of the architecture. Shaping light is no easy task, and as lighting designers, we are trained to be aware of the dynamics of mood, form, invisibility, and visibility that light plays on everything.

The education of a lighting designer is very involved in physics, psychology, electricity, ergonomics, codes, construction, environmental issues, and optics. These are some of the topics that help to make us who we are, and allow us to make our vision of each project we do unique, much like a piece of art. The technical aspect of our work is learned, and our talent is why we are specifically lighting designers. We then collaborate with architects, electrical engineers, designers, building/home owners, and facility managers in order to create an optimal team of design and atmosphere.

We believe that lighting is a crucial element, without it there would be no shape or form to our lives, and It is one of the most important comforts we easily take for granted as a whole. Thank you for your time, and we look forward to speaking with you, and to the possibility of working with you in the future.

Please refer to the IALD link for any other questions youmay have: https://www.iald.org/About/About-Lighting-Design/Importance-of-Using-a-Lighting-Designer

The use of light and shadow to create beautiful spaces...

What our work says about us is 100% commitment to our inspiration and relationships with our clients. 

Our inspiration comes from the beauty of light and shadow. 

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